Originally from Shelton CT, Jake Inzerra is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Growing up in a small town, his homophobic classmates were ruthless with their attacks, but the pop singer found comfort, acceptance, and passion in local theatre production. After high school, Inzerra began taking the 5 AM train into New York City every day to study dance before officially moving there after his intensive program to persue a career in music. Mikaelin' Blue' Bluespruce, Akira Shelton, and Roman Molino Dunn are some of the producers he's worked with, though many of Inzerra's songs are self-produced. Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears are some of the icons he takes after. Pop music is his focus, and empowerment is his goal. He strives to remind listeners that love is more powerful than hate. Inzerra has one mission, and that is to be the role model that he didn't growing up. In a society where showing emotions is considered a weakness, the he wants to change that narrative. He lets his mind run wild, and instead of avoiding his sensitivities or ignoring them, he comes face to face with them. Through the depths of his eyes, you can see directly into Inzerra's psyche. The battles he's faced are prevalent, but the battles he's overcome are even more evident. His bold and unapologetic approach to gender and sexuality is something seriously lacking in music today. Inzerra's music is a beautiful and honest gateway into the inner workings of his thoughts, and he knows the best thing to do is to "face these wild emotions, sit in them, learn from them, and ultimately purge them." 










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