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'Rainbow Man' by Jake Inzerra 

Singer, songwriter, and producer Jake Inzerra has described his music as "real talk with a groove." Growing up in the suburbs of CT, Inzerra learned to overcome the bullying from other classmates through music and dance. It was the local community theatre stage that allowed him to come out of his shell. After high school, Inzerra began taking the first train into New York City every day to study dance at Broadway Dance Center before officially moving there after his intensive program to persue a career in music. Inspired by the old school androgynous male glamour of the 70s and 80s, Inzerra is here to express himself in ways many male singers are told not to. While most of his songs are self-produced, Inzerra's unique vocal style and visual creativity are what draw people in the most. 

'Rainbow Man' is about making something magnificent out of those rainy days. No matter what life brings your way, use it all to your advantage, and rise above.

As Inzerra puts it, "You can rain on who I am, 'cause I'm a rainbow man!"






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